Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
The following multimedia tutorials are available for viewing. These tutorials include 3D animations that help you better understand the features, benefits and clinical applications of DENTSPLY UK products. Click a title to enter the tutorial classroom. 

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Cavitron - Elliptical Tip Motion
This animation demonstrates how exactly Cavitron ultrasonic tips move.
Cavitron - Footswitch Synchronisation
Our DENTSPLY UK Service Center is demonstrating how to synchronise your wireless footpedal.
Cavitron - Implant Maintenance
This animation demonstrates how the Softip can assist with the maintenance of dental implants.
Cavitron Insert Maintenance - O Ring Replacement
This technical demonstration covers the procedure how you can easily replace the O ring.
CeramX - a Modern Nano-composite!
This trailer explains the concept of nano-technology in modern composite materials and also shows some clinical cases.
CeramX - Efficient Finishing and Polishing
In this clinical video Dr Dietschi demonstrates how to finish and polish class III and IV efficiently.

The composite he has been using is CeramX duo.
CeramX Duo - Clinical Video Dr Dietschi
Dr Dietschi demonstrates the whole clinical procedure for a class II restoration using CeramX duo.

You will learn helpful tips which make your results more predictable.
CeramX Mono - Clinical Video Dr Colon
Learn how to place a posterior class II restoration efficiently.
EsthetX HD - Silicone Matrix Technique
In this clinical video you will see how to use the silicone matrix technique for the restoration of anterior teeth and their anatomy. EsthetX and Prime&Bond NT are being used for this procedure.
GuttaCore - The Concept
GuttaCore™ is the first obturator with a crosslinked gutta-percha core. Crosslinking is a well-established scientific process that connects the polymer chains and transforms the gutta-percha to make it stronger, while keeping its best features. This video explains the concept.
PoGo™ - Clinical Demonstration
Watch this revolutionary polishing system working clinically!
PoGo™ - One Step Polishing Technique!
This revolutionary polishing system uses a 'one step technique' to create a high glass-like lustre finish on all restorations. PoGo™ can be used to polish all composites, microfills, flowables and micro hybrids, in one simple step!
PoGo™ - Technique Demonstration
Watch the system being demonstrated and explained on a model.
QuixFil - Class I and II Composite Restorations
This video is showing the clinical procedure of the replacement of Amalgam restorations with the cost efficient bulk filling material QuiXfil.
CeramX Product Tutorial
Ceram∙X® is a light curable, radiopaque nano-ceramic universal composite with a simplified shading system and easy to achieve natural aesthetics. This short tutorial highlights the benefits of the Ceram∙X® composite system.
DENTSPLY Core & Post System
DENTSPLY Core & Post System
How to use Chemfil Rock
This short clinical video demonstrates the correct usage of Chemfil Rock.
Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System
For dentists placing Class II restorations, Palodent Plus is the new integrated sectional matrix system from DENTSPLY that delivers easy, predictable and accurate contacts using innovative component technology.
Posterior Composite Restorations Made Easy
This tutorial demonstrates how you can simplify your posterior composite restorations with a new bulk-fill technique and a new sectional matrix system without compromising on quality of seal and with strong contact points.
SDR® - No Ordinary Composite
This video shows the impressive handling of the new bulk-fill composite SDR® Smart Dentine Replacement with the focus on the self-levelling property of this revolutionary composite.
New Cavitron® with Tap-On™ Technology
The trusted performance of Cavitron® systems – now with the ease of Tap-On™ Technology which activates scaling or air polishing with a single tap of the foot pedal, allowing the foot to rest during the procedure.
Esthet-X® HD
For dentists who want highly esthetic restorations, Esthet-X® HD delivers superior results by providing clinically proven strength, excellent shade selections, and enhanced high-definition beauty.
SDR Smart Dentine Replacement
DENTSPLY Caulk is proud to introduce SureFil® SDR™ Flow Composite, a new, bulk fill posterior flowable base.
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